Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve is here....

That is the first line of a verse sung to Jingle Bells by Hannah when she was in reception, and still we remember it, and sing it every Christmas Eve!

Well all the jobs are done, lists ticked (i've forgotten crackers for Boxing day, but we'll live without them !) and we are ready to go. Every Christmas Eve we go to my Mum and Dads and have pork and stuffing batches (bread rolls to you non-Coventrians out there) and we'll be heading off there in about half an hour.

We also make a trip to the pictures, and today the film of choice was Nativity! Well as it was set in Coventry, and actually filmed in our Primary school, we couldn't choose any other. Such a lovely feel good British film, perfect for today, and all the kids enjoyed it, even my teenage girls. Well worth watching :)

To todays page; the prompt is about stockings, well we don't really use them in our house, so i went with a new tradition about displaying Christmas cards i have employed this year (and plan to use in future years). Putting up the Christmas cards was always the last job i did, and when i mentioned this at a local crop another crafter said she puts her cards into a decorated basket, easy to do, and you can look throught the cards over the season. What a great idea! So you can see a photo of my decorated basket, with all my cards.

Merry Christmas to you all, I hope to post tomorrow as i have a very unusual tale to tell, and have included this on my Christmas Eve page.


Julia Dunnit said...

NIce idea about the cards - I keep mini albumsin a basket to allow people to flick through them. No-one does tho'! Looking forward to tomorrow's post! Wishing you all a peaceful happy and sparkly Christmas, Ann.

Kim said...

I've enjoyed your journal Ann, it's interesting to see other people's traditions. And I love your pages, don't know how you find the time to do it all though.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas


SusieJ said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Ann.
Sue xx