Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Look around you..

Yesterdays post was about recording your surroundings a week into December, as you can see from the photos on my page i am not very well organised this year!!

I enjoyed this page as it was nice to take photos of the ordinary things about the house, and my fellow singers in the choir didn't mind me taking a few photos either!

Work went well today, only half a day, but the children are lovely, so i came away feeling good. I might get caught up tomorrow if i have no work, but after only 2 days at work the house is a tip, so lots to do there.

I received some gromlets today from the lovely Sue, who is always kind enough to read my blog and leave me a comment, so a huge thanks for these, i used 2 on my calendar stamp to mark the date today!
Off to bed now, I go out with the ladies in my extended family once a year just before Christmas, and our girls night out falls tomorrow, just hope i don't get offered any work on Friday!!! As the prompt for today is about traditions, i might use some photos from the night out for my page.


Julia Dunnit said...

Love the title you've chosen here. Well, as usual, love it all. Are you enjoying the album format?

SusieJ said...

I too love the title (and the whole page!).
Pleased the gromlets arrived safely.
Sue xx