Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Eve

Happy New Year to you all (if i am in no fit state to blog tomorrow!!) although we are having a quiet night in with an Indian Takeaway. My in laws are here with us, but my Dad is in bed nursing a cold, so he and Mum will stay at home tonight.

My page for the 27th December is about sleeping habits over the Christmas holiday, so as i took photos of my nephews in their very cute pyjamas i decided to make a page around these.

i braved the sales for the first time today with DD1, she spent her christmas money on a ridiculously high pair of shoe boots, and I was very naughty and bought myself a lovely pair of brown leather boots for £40. Kev wasn't quite as convinced about the need for these..... but he's got over the shock now!
Lets hope the interview i have in just over a weeks time is a success :)


Julia Dunnit said...

Somehow the pleasure of a pair of boots is tripled (or more) when the purchase was a bit naughty...Kev will never get that! Love your page for today..the boys look great in their PJs!
A warm happy and work filled New Year wishes to you Ann.

SusieJ said...

Another great page Ann.
Have a drink for me tonight as I can't (on antibiotics).
Happy New Year.
Sue xx