Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Boxing Day

We all meet up as an extended family on boxing day, so my page reflects this and is very photo heavy.

Had a mammoth crafting session tonight and have caught up all my pages up to and including today... i think i might not have time to craft now until the new year.

And looking at all my new pages i don't think there is one where i haven't used my new punch!!!!

And finally some interesting weather news, we have a little bit of snow (well OK, it might be slush!) on top of the cars as i type.... it would be nice to get the toboggan out tomorrow!


sue-bubbles said...

Another super page Ann! If your area is like mine...I went to bed as the world looked white and crisp, but this morning its all gone....who stole my snowman??? lol!
Welldone on your fabulous journal Ann, it is utterly beautiful!
Sue x

SusieJ said...

Super page Ann - but no photo of you?!
We were supposed to have snow but only got rain.
Sue xx

Latharia said...

LOVE all the photos .. and way to go, catching up on all of your pages!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great page Ann, I love those calendar stamps, but I think I already told you that!! I have been wondering how to use up my gromlets! Lol!