Thursday, 7 January 2010


It's blinking freezing here, i have the heating on, and am sitting in my coat to blog this. Kids are all back at school today, the secondary school was closed yesterday as they have to go outside on a sloping site every hour to move from building to building at lesson change, but they have managed to get it open today. Harry, much to his disgust has been in school the whole time as his Primary school never closes!!! No snow day for Kev either as his headteacher is from Canada and she just laughs when she sees the snow here :)

We had loads of snow on Tuesday night, our kids have never seen so much, and i have taken (a few!) photos! I think the locals must have thought i was crazy on Tuesday night as it was still snowing, and i was outside the front of the house with a tripod to take a photo of the house (above) as my tree was still up then.

I also managed to get this nighttime shot of the garden with a tripod, it was amazingly light as the snow reflected the light onto the clouds, which reflected it back.

I have still got to finish my JYC, am up to the 2nd Jan, with 4 more days to go. I'll post my New Year page tomorrow.

Stay warm everyone.


sue-bubbles said...

Lovely photos Ann...and I agree...its brrrrrrrr!

Keep safe and have fun!
Sue x

Julia Dunnit said...

Great pics..the tree in the window, snow, definitely worth entertaining the neighbours over!

SusieJ said...

Fab photos Ann!
I too was out in the garden Tues. night - don't know what the neighbours thought!
Sue xx