Thursday, 28 January 2010

Love hydrocarbons....

As a chemistry teacher i have always loved the smell of petrol, diesel etc (weird hey?!).. but yesterday this affection was seriously put to the test. Getting onto the M69 I had 10 miles in the tank... (i think you know where this tale is going already!) half way down, suddenly zero!!! I drove really slowly for the motorway, but still only just managed to get to the junction, and ran out of fuel on the roundabout at the exit... here were roadworks, no street lights, and drizzle. I had left my mobile at home to charge.. as it's so old the battery only lasts a day, so had to walk looking for fuel. 4 calls to OH later, who was not home from work yet, a miles walk in the drizzle, and feet and coat covered in diesel as it splashed me trying to fill the can, I managed to get back to the car about an hour later, to find there was a special cap inside the filling tube to prevent filling with the wrong fuel... so even though i had the diesel, i couldn't get any into the car. AT LAST OH arrived, i was going to chew his ear off about why he was so late home, and had not taken his mobile with him, but in the end i was so relieved to see him, i just let him wrestle with the fuel cap and get home.... and the smell of diesel haunted me all night!!!!

The moral of the story??? I need a new mobile phone, and diesel cars don't run on fumes!

Off to parents evening now at Harrys school, and i've almost survived a full weeks work.


SusieJ said...

Hope you managed to put your feet up Ann after all that - and yes you do need a new mobile!
But at least you didn't put petrol in a diesel car unlike s'one sitting not a million miles from me!
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Aaargh! The petrol can not fitting the diesel inlet would have just about had me in tears! Still, tomorrow at work will seem like a doddle now!

sue-bubbles said...

Oh my, you've just described my worst nightmare Ann as I regularly chug along on fumes to the petrol station! Im unleaded though...they are okay on fumes though yes??? lol! I hope you have got over your ordeal, and enjoy picking out a new mobile!
Sue x

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

How well do I know that story?LOL

I don;t know that I would do if I had a car that didn't run on fumes - it would be a disaster!!! Live in fear of havig to buy a modern car who's red light really IS a warning ;-)