Sunday, 7 February 2010

Party Time...

It is OHs youngest brothers 40th birthday in the week, so the whole family descended on Leicester last night for a party. It had been ages since we all met, the teenagers are growing like weeds, even the littler kids are now on the edge of adolescence... and middle age has hit us all!!

We had a fun night, playing music, singing along at the top of our voices using printed lyrics from the interweb (whatever did we do without it?), eating fabulous food... and some junk!, lots of photos were taken, and a few of them even turned out to be decent ones! There was even an 80s revival, and Wham (OK, two of Kevs brothers dressed up as George Michael and Andrew Ridgely) even joined us for a reunion gig! It made me think that although we all meet rarely now, it does make it so much the better when we do.

The maddest thing to happen was when Sharon, my sister in law was taking photos at the end of the evening and there were a few scented candles about.... as she was clicking away she suddenly piped up 'i think i'm on fire' ;we just thought she was taking good shots, but her top was smoking away, and after a very hasty patting down it was put out. Crazily enough we all just fell about laughing as she showed us the large hole in her clothes :D

My stomach hurts today from all the laughs we had, and my throat was sore from singing... a good night was had by all.


SusieJ said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening Ann!
Will think of you this week and the dreaded O word.
Hope your singing and laughter carry you through.
Sue xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh great. Good for the soul, nights like that.