Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dead Hard Drive

From the lack of posts you have probably realised by now that my computer problems were fatal.... we bought a new hard drive on Monday, but there is so much software to put on it I'm still on the kids PC (Hence no uploads still)
Thank goodness I had bought an external hard drive about a year ago, and all my files and photos are backed up onto it. My big problem now is that some of my software CDs seem to have mysteriously vanished (included my beloved Photoshop) so i think I'll have to buy a new copy.... and all my internet faves have disappeared too, it will take a while to find them all again.
Spent the weekend preparing for my first classes i have to teach (scrapbooking ones that is!!) in a couple of weeks time.
Hope to be posting something a little more interesting next time.


Julia Dunnit said...

It's a difficult time , collecting and re-loading, I wish you luck, and...patience!

sue-bubbles said...

Im sorry to hear that your pc couldnt be rescued...I fear we will be facing the same fate! Meanwhile we got a very good deal from Dell - well worth a look, and its so zippy compared to the old banger!

Ah, but the loss of the great favourites list....thats painful isnt it!!!

Sue x

SusieJ said...

I hate it when computers die.
Still, look on it as a fresh start Ann! Good luck with your favourites.
Sue xx

Ann said...

Been there! Done that! You have my sympathy.

DGgirl said...

Hi Ann

Blue screen of death struck our house a couple of months ago - nightmare!!

Good luck and patience with the reinstall.