Monday, 15 March 2010

The dreaded... screen of death hit my computer yesterday morning, hence no Mothers day post... Kev is trying to fix it as i type... so I'm on the kids PC.

A quick Happy Birthday to my Dad, 71 today :)

I made him this card using inks and a collage of various stamps. I chose the bike as Dad told us a tale of when he was a boy and worked as a shop boy, delivering groceries on one of those bikes with a basket on the front. On one occasion he went a little too quickly down a steep hill, and ended up at the bottom covered in butter and other food items! He amazed me by telling of Sunday bike rides he used to have with his mates to Brighton and back in a day (he was from South London).. but then Dad has always liked to sunbathe on the beach!!!

If I can get online to post tomorrow (there is a queue behind me awaiting the computer!!!!) I'll post my mothers days cards.


Ann said...

Oh dear. I hope normal service resumes soon!
My Dad was a delivery boy too, riding his bike around Beds/Bucks border for an ironmonger's shop. He rode miles in a week and tells the story of when he was 'buzzed' by a German warplane and ended up in the ditch!

Ann said...

Oops. Forgot to say I really like your card. I love the sepia effect and all the stamping you've done.

SusieJ said...

Hope Kev manages to sort your computer out Ann. Personally (and touching wood here!) I've never had the blue screen of death - my computers just blow up.
Love the cards and Happy Birthday to your Dad.
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

Oh no Ann, not you too...there are a lot of blue screens of death going around on dc - how spooky! We are waiting for a new tower from Dell...and then one day I hope my brother will be able to combat the death screen on the old banger and rescue my photos! Good luck Kev..I hope you can fix it!
Sue x

SarahLP said...

Ah, I love that story about your Dad! Fantastic card too.. hope your computer is fixed ok.. it really is terrifying when they go wrong! I recently had a black screen, which entailed a £250 repair bill.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is why I bought a backup external hard drive recently! Hope it gets better soon!