Sunday, 11 April 2010

Kenilworth again.

Harry requested a day out in the Easter holiday, and as Friday was such a good day here we took a trip over to Kenilworth castle for a picnic. Following on from my last post Harry took a few photos of Kev and me using my camera, and he did a very good job too!!! If you look closely you can see my new specs... I did only buy one pair, as these cost nearly £300 (mostly the cost of the lenses) i thought we couldn't really afford another pair, no matter how much I would like them.

Spent yesterday gardening, it looks very messy now, but we will reap the rewards in a few weeks once everything starts to grow again and cover all the bare earth I have revealed by removed the mountains of weeds.

Did some scrapbooking this morning, maybe more later.


Julia Dunnit said...

Love your new glasses - lovely bright colour - mine are purple. 3 years old now and deefo need new lenses...putting it of because of the cost, aagh!
Looks like you had a super day, you do squash a lot in!

Scrappi Sandi said...

That is a lovely photo of the two of you...I feel a LO coming on!!!