Friday, 7 May 2010

A big day...

...for Hannah Thursday, she voted for the very first time, and at a general election too! We have always been interested in politics in our house, and made it clear to the kids how important voting is, as we are from working class stock our forefathers (and mothers!) didn't have the chance to vote. Now we can make a difference and express our opinion just by making that little X on the ballot paper in pencil.

Hannah's boyfriend said he felt it was an anti climax when he first voted, but i don't think Hannah felt that way (especially as her choice of candidate was elected!). I think the worst thing for her was that i insisted on taking her photo outside the polling station for her scrapbook!!! She looks so happy........ but after all, voting is a serious business!

Apologies for not updating earlier, but Blogger was playing up last night. Hope to get some crafting done this weekend.

As a quick crafty post today here is a mini book I made for my cousins 25th wedding Anniversary. His sister Kim sent me the photos, I turned them all B&W, and thanks to this little K&Co kit I've had for ages a pretty little book was made.


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh congratulations to Hannah - so important and doubly great that her vote could have been the clincher for the candidate! I too was brought up to cherish my right to vote, and I think it's important that our children do too. The little book is fab - great gift. We're partying this very night to belatedly celebrate our really quite excited!

SusieJ said...

Fab mini book Ann.
Good on Hannah!
My DS and his friend came back from voting for the first time and asked "Is that it?"
He managed to vote in Bristol but don't know whether his candidate was elected.
Wonder how much difference a large student population makes to a constituency's results?
Sue xx

CoventryAnn said...

It's an interesting thought Sue, when i was a student in the 80s during 'Maggie mania' I switched my vote from home, which was a sfe seat to Nottingham which was more marginal in the hope of having a bigger impact. I was a political animal even then !

sue-bubbles said...

What a face Hannah!!! lol! What a fabby layout this will make Ann, welldone for capturing the moment!
Sue x

Kim said...

The 25th Anniversary Book is fabulous, Paul and Kim love it. I hope your mum & dad enjoed themselves at the dinner.

Well done to Hannah, on her first vote. But now we all have to wait and see what happens

Have a good week


peata said...

great mini.
dig the papers you used.