Saturday, 28 August 2010

Another class LO.

This is a page I made at the Exhall crop last weekend (designed by Claire Horsham Bell ), I love the flowers made from torn circles of paper with inked knotted string for the stamens, I can see these making another appearance on pages in the future.

The photo was taken when I took Hannah up to the Lakes last half term for a visit. We made a trip to Ikea yesterday to start buying bits and pieces for her to go off to university.... £161 later.....!!! The thing that annoyed her most was me taking photos of her with a full trolley, as I really embarrased her!! Another scrapbook page in the planning i think!!


Ladkyis said...

You can do this! You have a certificate to prove you can do it. OK I know some people think it is just a birth certificate and really belongs to your child BUT it is your certificate of motherhood and that brings a lot of special dispensations

SusieJ said...

A beautiful page Ann - the papers complement the photo so well.
Sue xx
p.s. looking forward to the IKEA LO!