Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Recycling Row....

I had to dive out of bed early this morning as my OH mumbled 'Oh, is it Thursday, I haven't put the bins out' ....again. This despite the fact i asked him to empty the recycling box into the bin last night, which is overflowing, not having been emptied since before the school holidays. Silly me, I should have known he wouldn't know what day of the week it is and told him to put the bin out as well as empty it, I just assumed that being an intelligent man he would realise it needed doing.. Aaaaargh!!! and I got out the front with the bin in the pouring rain (no shoes on!) just as the bin men pulled away from the kerb. So that's 2 more weeks with a full recycling bin outside :(.
Enough moaning... back to crafting, a page from a crop a week or two ago using photos from last years holiday (I know, I must scrap some of this years!!) The papers are Websters, and were perfect for a holiday LO, so I didn't need to do much with them. I picked up the chipboard alphabet letters at TK Maxx on holiday for an absolute steal...4 packs for a fiver!! so have a good few to use up (along with the 4 packs of Thickers found earlier this week for a similar price!) So if you see a video clip on U tube about a husband being dumped in a Coventry bin overnight, I might be the prime suspect!


SusieJ said...

ROFL! This is just like our house.
We have a month's worth of non-recyclable rubbish (we have four bins to deal with on a fortnightly basis) and this week had two weeks worth of food rubbish (to be recycled) as OH forgot to put the bins out when I was visiting Dad. I too thought that an intelligent man would remember - not so!
Loving the LO Ann and your "crafty steals". WTG!
Sue xx

Ladkyis said...

Ours weren't put out while we were away even though it was on the list of things to do for my son-in-law who came in every day to check my chickens. When I asked he said he didn't know which ones to put out! They live in the same street! just ten doors away from us so what he had to put out at his house was the same. It amazes me that he can hold down a job that requires thinking on his feet but can't do anything that requires thinking at home.
It must be a man thing