Friday, 29 October 2010

Home again

We had a couple of days in Derbyshire with Hannah earlier this week, getting home to a couple of power cuts) on Wednesday night. I've done little scrapbooking as I spent yesterday making Christmas cards, got over 40 done, just the religious ones to get finished today.
These two photos were taken at the Caudwell mill, which was of interest as our surname is Caldwell (hence the above photo!) The weirdest thing was that once we got there I had the feeling I'd been there before, and I had, back in 1987 when i was training to be a teacher. I had been placed in a primary school,for 3 weeks, and we went on a day trip to this mill as part of the history topic. Way back, before I was married, before kids, before work....

While in Matlock, as it was pouring we decided to spend some time underground, out of the rain. After donning safety helmets (very attractive, and you should have seen my hair afterwards!!) we all ducked down in low tunnels, making our way into the old workings of a fluorite mine. It got really spooky when the guide turned off the lights and we were lit by candle light as the miners would have been. I couldn't imagine spending my working days bent over hacking at the rocks for a pittance. The kids enjoyed the experience.

We finished the day in lovely Chesterfield, the wonky spire of the church amazed the children, and the little narrow streets of shops reminded us of parts of Derry.... and although my camera battery ran out (a scrapbookers worst nightmare!) and I had to use my phone to take the photos they didn't turn out too badly!!!

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