Wednesday, 29 December 2010

And a week later.....

...we didn't get stuck in the snow (which has finally all melted here now), and had a lovely lunch out in the Warwickshire countryside. I had a lovely Christmas, and now need to catch up with my journal.
I've spent today catching up, and am ashamed to note that I have been so remiss uploading my pages
Here are the next few up to Christmas Eve. If I can keep the kids off the computer tomorrow, I'll try to upload some more!
On the 21st we were asked to take photos of the house as it was then, with a poorly teenager, and still lots to do there was plenty to record.
The theme for the 22nd was about making lists of things to do, but as I went out to lunch this day I chose to record this and I left the lists until Christmas Eve. The pub gave us each a Christmas card with a line drawing of the pub on it, so i chopped that up to add to my page!
On the 23rd my girls made a gingerbread train, out came the camera and into the journal it goes.
Finally for Christmas Eve I used my lists that had been stuck to the fridge door to record all the jobs done around the house in preparation for Christmas day.
In the meantime the heating conked out on Christmas Eve, but is now working again (note... must organise emergency boiler and heating insurance). Luckily we managed to keep it going until someone could look at it a day or so ago.
More tomorrow!


Bernie said...

loving your pages! And the gingerbread train...we made a huge Christmas tree from star shaped gingerbread - it's scrummy have to say!!
Bernie x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Fabulous pages, that train looks yummy :)