Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Out to lunch..

with the ladies of the family today, a Christmas tradition of at least 10 years standing, and a nice chance to catch up with everybody. Fortunately it has not snowed as hard as was predicted here, as we are going out to a country pub for lunch... didn't fancy digging us out later on :)
Page for today is about how cold it is!! It also meets the UKS challenge for the week of using festive colours, the computer (I printed off the BBC weather for the day) and 12 of something, I used 12 gems on the border. The photo is of our garden on Monday, it looks even snowier now!


Highland Monkey's said...

Lovely journal. I keep saying I will do one, but havnt so far they look hard!

SusieJ said...

Lovely colourful page - makes the photo really stand out.
Sue xx
p.s. do you think there's anyone who hasn't got at least one snow page in their journal this year? lol