Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Retro Toys

Was talking to Katie tonight as she surfed the Internet, she seems to have a thing about old toys. After Christmas she spent the last of her money from Grandma and Grandad in Ireland on an original metal slinky, now she's coveting a Rubik's cube. This page is about the slinky, based on a design by Amanda made at the recent Exhall crop. I altered mine slightly, and made little paper spirals (or slinkies) to decorate the layout. The journalling is on a circle attached with a brad so it can be spun out and read. I don't normally do hidden journalling, but I thought this was a very clever idea.

Had to take Katie for an early eye test yesterday, as she had noticed her vision getting blurry, and it has deteriorated markedly since last year... poor Katie. At least she gets 2 new pairs of funky specs though.... although I now have to pay for more of them as she is 16... not sure how that works as she is still a school girl :( Am sure the new glasses will be gracing a page all too soon.

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Anonymous said...

I've just bought my baby G/D one for her Stocking next Christmas.
Hope she loves it at much as Katie obviously does...Mgt.