Sunday, 10 April 2011

It's late I know...

but here are the cards I made for Mother's day this year. I might be late putting them on here, but they were given on time (honest!)

I made both using the albums, bags and boxes cartridge on the Eclips, it took a bit of messing about to get them right (ie the paper to score, not cut all the way through) but I was happy with them i n the end. (Note to self... don't use expensive paper when trying things out for the first time!!)

My job finished on Friday, but I do have 2 possible routes of employment for next term, in the meantime I will just sit back and enjoy a bit of crafty time to myself! My colleagues at St John Fisher were so generous, considering I had only been there a year, so I have treated myself to some crafty stash to keep me going... as if I need it!!!

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~Ron said...

Nice Card.

I hope you find a new job :-)