Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Visit to QVC

Close friends will know I do like to watch a bit of selly telly if nothing else is on... it's inoffensive,
sometimes interesting and even brought scrapbooking to my attention over 6 years ago.

Just before we went away on holiday Kevin received a letter inviting him and a guest to a Craft Party at QVC in London. Imagine my horror... why him? I assume it is because he had bought a few crafty items in the past as gifts for me, including the Sizzix eClips he got last Christmas. I knew Kev wouldn't want to go, so after a swift phone call, they agreed that I could go in his place with a guest, so Hannah accompanied me to London yesterday.
We had a fab day, won a studio tour, I got lots of great photos for the scrapbook, lovely make and takes and a great goodie bag.
Even better news it appears that QVC are bringing back scrapbooking shows, and seem to be upping their game in terms of the level of crafting , more techniques, and less cut/pop out and stick.
And so on to a lovely crafty weekend for me... crops today and tomorrow Woo Hoo!!


SusieJ said...

Woohoo indeed Ann!! What a great day out and so good to hear that scrapbooking shows are coming back!
Enjoy your crops (I'm cropping tomorrow too!).
Hugs xx
p.s. have you "converted" Hannah - she looks so much at home there!

Jo.C said...

Lucky you - glad you enjoyed it. It looks like a great day and I love Hannah's dress - very summery.

Lesleym said...

Woo Hoo to you too Ann. Glad you and Hannah had a great time. Lucky yoou

jakamoo said...

Wowzer Anne, well done, how brilliant! I'll bet it was really interesting. Anything in your goodiebag that would make us green with envy?

Jimjams said...

Green with envy? Moi?
Your DD looks stunning - she has great style!

shibuble said...

Hi, I am Shibu. Just came across you on Do Crafts and here I am. Your style is one to be desired. You visited QVC! A girl after my own heart!! I just adore QVC and am not ashamed to say it. So there. It sounds like an amazing day out for you both!! Glad they are sorting the crafting side out!!