Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 on the 10th

Shameless theft from Shimelles' 10 on the tenth last month :). 10 fave JYC pages of mine.
If you want to see other festive 10 on the 10ths go to Shimelles blog.

First three are from 2008, my first journal, and I used 8x8 size.

Love Harry's letter to Santa on this page.

On this LO it's the photo that says it all.

And here is my favourite decoration I have had since childhood with a LO all to herself.

Now for 2009, when I was unemployed (note the increased level of work in these pages) and went with 6x12" portrait.
This one for the photo.

and this page for the amount of effort it took!

This one for the snow!!!

and this page for the journalling, it's the last in the journal.

And now 2010, 6x12" again, but landscape this time.

This one for the unbelievable cold we had that December

and this one for the handmade decoration that goes on the tree when it's up

and finally this page from 2009 is my favourite of all my JYC pages ever, and it's the story of something that happened to my eldest daughter on the 23rd of December that year.
and this is why i love journalling my Christmas.


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Ann ~ I recognized your face in the link on Shimelle's blog as someone I know from our photography class with CJ. :o) Your journal pages are lovely! I loved looking at all the details. Great list of 10!

Helen Overton said...

That advent calendar style page is such an awesome idea, genius!

beccaf1970 said...

Lovely pages! I love the 6x12 format!

Jane said...

great idea, love the pages from your journals

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh how I likenyour style, these are gret, can't believe that I felt familiar with your 2009 time flies!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Lord, sorry about the lack of spell keyboard and no spectacles!

Jo.C said...

They are all beautiful pages - I have loved peeking at them :0)

Linda said...

great pages! Lovely to see everyone's 10 on 10th DEc!