Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This was one of my favourite photos of Mum and Dad this Christmas, hours after dinner still wearing their hats!
Used a fair bit of old stash, some Basic Grey from a few years back
(not my first choice of papers, but i like them on this LO), and some new with the punched pattern on the right.

After a trip to the dentist for our check up it seems that both Kev and I are grinding our teeth, causing a fair bit of damage. Wonder why teachers might be grinding their teeth?....hmmm, can't think of any reason.
Kevs have cost over £400 to repair, mine a little bit less, for once. And the kids need fillings too....

Good job blogging is free.


Jimjams said...

OMG at the cost of the teeth - but no surprises on the grinding - I couldn't do what you do!

Love the page ... great smiles here too!

Hirsita Dixit said...

Thanks For Sharing Wonderful Photos...
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