Friday, 11 May 2012

Another weekend..

..beckons, Harry is away on a canal trip with the scouts, so we will have a quiet time with just Katie and the two of us.

A quick page to share.

 I made this LO without a photograph, when I went on a crafty retreat with my friends from Bedworth back in  the early spring. I had forgotten to take my photos, so made the page blind as it were, thinking i would be sure to have a photo to go onto it when I got home.

Sadly, when I got home and searched through my pictures, the only ones I had that would go well with the LO had been used before, so it sat on the side in the kitchen for a few weeks, waiting.... I got in touch with my brother in law by e mail, and he sent me a few old photos he'd scanned from his Mum and Dad so I could clean them up.  When I saw this one I knew it was just right for the page.

The picture is of my Mother in law at the seaside back in the early 1960s, in the days when few people could afford a camera.  The little monkey was used to entice passers by to have a picture taken, and I think the photo goes perfectly with the LO.
 All the flowers are hand punched and scored, and the little roses were made using a couple of tiny flower punches I borrowed during the weekend; one of the great things about going away to be crafty is that you get to borrow/share others stash!
I'm so glad I finally found a photo to fit the page.


Jimjams said...

What a fab page - love the tiny roses (are they normal flower punches or something special?).

I have a photo of me aged about 8 taken on Southsea prom with just such a monkey - I was scared it was going to do something "nasty" on my arm LOL!

CoventryAnn said...

They are little Tonic flower punches,the central petals you remove a petal, glue and curl the other petals on a squashy mat with a large embossing tool. I used a couple of layers of these, then a couple of the whole flower. Took a while, but on retreat I had plenty of time :)

CoventryAnn said...

Edited to add this video which show something similar.