Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What is it...

.. with scrapbooking fashions? Last year it was banners and bunting (still fond of them myself) the year before distressing and inking everything, and this year it's chevrons and hexagons. Almost every paper pack seems to have a chevron design (how do all the designers know?) and hexagons are rife on pages.

I can't say I wouldn't be tempted , but I have to like the designs first.  Remember white space?  Tried it, and definitely not for me :)
 Here's a page from last year, including a photo of little Hannah in the paddling pool in our first house.

All the stash came from the lucky dip at the Nuneaton crop retreat last November (alas not happening this year )
 and... is that a stitched banner I see?  Fashion victim!


Emily said...

Adorable layout! I love how it turned out! All of the stitching is great!

Anonymous said...

Lovely layout. I'm with you on the whitespace fashion! Ax