Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank Holiday Plans

With the weather being so poor, and National Scrapbooking Day falling this time each year, you can guess what I planned to do this weekend....yes, gardening!
No, really I need to get into the garden, there has been so much rain, and so little opportunity to get out, that the grass is the longest I think I've seen it, so today I am hoping to sort out the lawn, and get my hanging baskets planted up. Then, I'll do some scrapbooking!
Talking of which, Katie and I were in town yesterday and saw these in the city centre,
...full size replicas, and we were allowed to climb into them! A perfect scrapbooky photo opp!
And I did get a layout done yesterday as part of the Simple Recipe on UKS.
I made use of the lovely Anna Griffin stamps I bought with my birthday money from Ireland :)
The papers were a bargain picked up in The Range, only a tenner for a huge pack of Grace Taylor Vintage papers.
It's only a year since these photos were taken and Harry must have grown at least 6" in that time.
Must get moving and out into the garden while it is still dry. Have a good long weekend, whatever you are doing.

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cannycrafter said...

Wow! Great photo op!!