Monday, 28 May 2012

Close to my Heart

The prompt  for the blog post today was to ...

Write about the post that has been really popular on your blog so far in May. Take a look at your stats and write about it.

so I've had a look at the stats and there are two to choose from.  One is from yesterday, and has picked up a few views as I entered the page into a competition at Sarah's cards, the link I left after her post brought lots of crafters here to take a look.

The second post I might choose is the one with the most comments. For me this is the true 'test' if you like of a blog, when a post is interesting enough to make people want to stop, brave the possibility of having to hurdle word verification, and let me know they are there.

... and the post?  Well it's this one, really close to my crafty little heart!

and an earlier prompt was about what I wanted to do when I was grown up... I didn't really think about it much until my teens, and then I definitely wanted to be a scientist.
 I managed it too, teaching science for over 20 years.


Annie said...

You always say good things in your blog, and I find you very encouraging.

Love and hugs

Annie xxx

Alice Morland said...

No surprise that the scrapbook one appealed.