Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More about me?

Today's post, 10 things about me.......

1.  I have 3 children, 20, 17 and 13.  (Maybe 'children' is pushing it somewhat)
2. I have been a teacher for 25 years this September.
3. My favourite colour (at the moment) is green.
4. I'm dreading being 50.

5. I have a degree in biochemistry
6. I love taking photos (no surprise there)
7. I also love setting stuff on fire (it's the chemistry teacher in me!)
8. Meringues, raspberries and cream would be my favourite pudding.
9. I met my husband 25 years ago this June.
10. I wish I wasn't so short sighted.

Not many surprises there for long time readers me-thinks.


Annie said...

Thank you for sharing Ann. I too am short sighted and have worn specs since I was about 7.........no contact lenses for me, although I did try them once but my eyes were too dry.

Thank you for sharing today. I love the fact that you love setting things on fire.....I love sticking things to unusual places...like the soles of my shoes lol I think I mean that I am un untidy crafter who drops things!!!

Love and hugs

Annie xxx

Alice Morland said...

I found this prompt so hard I haven't yet done it! - waiting for inspiration. Yours was short and sweet!

Princess 1 said...

You can be fabulous at 50 so embrace it. I love your list especially setting things on fire! Sx

Anonymous said...

Great list Ann. I always thought I'd have a career in chemistry, but I switched to physics at ucca form time. I wish I could remember why :-( Ax

Anonymous said...

I was dreading being 50 Ann until we turned it into a great big party!! No probs!!