Thursday, 24 May 2012

Craft shopping

Am combining two posts into one here (naughty I know!) but as they were both about shopping I thought I could stretch to it!

The first one was about my favourite craft shop, and it used to be a small business called Stampeezee just around the corner from my friends house (how handy was that?!) Note I type in the past tense as the shop closed about a year ago now, so I have to get my craft fix in either The Range, Hobbycraft (eeek at the prices!) or a twice yearly visit to the NEC.

I have shopped online, but i like to touch and feel my papers before I get them, so it's not quite the same. Selly telly (ie QVC and C&C) fill the gap somewhat, but i still hanker for my little bricks and mortar shop, where I had been in so often the owner and I were on first name terms.

...and here's a quick page about my boy.  The photo of the lego was one he took himself as part of his photography badge in scouts, it went perfectly with these cute robot papers i picked up at the craft outlet shop in Lincolnshire. Title cut from foam using my Tim Holtz die (again).

Am running short of things to share, good job my team on UKS are having a cyber crop on Saturday night, might get a couple of pages done if it's not too hot!


Annie said...

You say some very interesting things on your blog, and I love the layout you have made. It is hard to decide between online and bricks and mortar shops, but between them I think we all get what we need.

Love and hugs

Annie xx

Alice Morland said...

Great combination post. I liked the Lego scrapbooking. Do you remember the infant Fabuland Lego now called Duplo, I think? I have an enormous quantity of assorted Lego that my new grandson Evan will probably enjoy when he's old enough.