Monday, 14 May 2012

A Day in the Life of....

...a primary school teacher.

7.00 UP!
8.00 Drop kids at Mum and Dads, head for school.  On arriving set up for the morning sessions.  Had to do all own photocopying again as TA not in (didn't discover until later)  Mark half a set of books.
8.50 Duty.  Cold........
9-9.30 Basic skills, handwriting and hear children read.
9.30 -10.30 Maths (Column addition and subtraction) not really changed since I was at school.
10.30 - 10 45 Duty (again) Still cold :(
 10.45 -11. 45 More maths... this time solving problems with money.  Note to self... need to apply this to own life :)
11.45 to 12.10 Hymn and drama practice ready for a class mass on Thursday.
12.10 to 12.45 Mark another set of books during lunch break.
12.45 to 1.10 At last! A chance to sit down and get a coffee.  Lunch: 1 banana.
1.15 Assembly
1.45 More drama practice
2.00 Over to church to sing hymns, and organise children ready for mass on Thursday.
3.00 Reading, Greek Myths; Perseus and the Gorgons.
3.15 Childen go home.
3.15 to 2.25. Discussion with a parent
3.35 Late to Staff meeting.
4.45 Staff meeting ends late. Back to class, sort out display materials for Olympic week.  Mark another half set of books.
5.40 Head for home.

5.55 Home, help with dinner, clear kitchen,
7.30 Watch The Voice recorded from Saturday. Use Facebook, UK Scrappers, and DoCrafts sites.  Update blog.
10. 45 Bed.

I'd love to say this was a particularly busy day, but I'd be lying!
So, how was your day?


Annie said...

Oh CoventryAnne, thank you so much for sharing your day with us. You do lead a very busy life and I love the photos you put up with your blog today.

Love and hugs

Annie xx

Alice Morland said...

That was enjoyable, hope you keep blogging the prompts.

Jimjams said...

Unfortunately that's a horribly typical sounding day for a Primary Teacher - which is why I couldn't hack it - I'd take my hat off to you (if I was wearing one LOL)!