Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Guilty Pleasures....

Now, I know many of you out there who are doing the daily blog posts have talked about crafting, chocolate etc...as your guilty pleasure,  but mine might be one not many of my readers out there share.
 Sci Fi...(as this page I made in a scrapbooking class a few years ago shows) In all its varied forms, TV shows like Star Trek (Especially 'The Next Generation' with the lovely Patrick Stewart playing Jean Luc Picard!)
books (Isaac Asimov was a fave when I was a teenager)

 Red Dwarf, Star Wars (first 3 films only!) etc etc.

I think it all comes from being a bit of a geek all my life, well you can't teach science for over 20 years to teenagers without enjoying the subject!

My current fave isn't Sci Fi as such, but it certainly falls into the category of geek TV; The Big Bang Theory.
 Everything about it appeals, science jokes, Sci Fi references, great acting and really good writing!  Long live Sheldon et al.


Alice Morland said...

I enjoyed that - some lateral thinking in there.
I used to be keen on Science Fiction, particularly Isaac Asimov and a few others. Also thoroughly enjoyed Star Trek and Star Trek TNG in its day. Star Wars just isn't the same!

Ladkyis said...

Big Bang Theory!!! I am an addict and so is Mr M. He has bought the first three series on DVD and I can watch them again and again - and still laugh at them. Absolutely ACE!!!

CoventryAnn said...

I love it so much Ann I can feel the urge to scrapbook it for my Book of Me!

Little-Lady's Crafts said...

Hmm well I can't say I've ever really been all that much of a fan of sci-fi, although I did watch the first series of heroes before it went and got all weird! Big Bang Theory however, I do love. So much so that Bazinga has made it into my vocabulary haha!

Thanks for sharing.

Andrea x

Crafty Fran said...

Good guilty pleasure, not a Sci Fan myself, but I know lots of people love it xxx

MaryAnn said...

BAZINGA...Love your blog and scrapbook pages of your life in a later post.!