Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday off!

After spending a week at work, and an additional 15 hours writing my class's reports on top of that workload, at last I'm done, and can have a day off! I won't think about assessment week in the next 5 days, with all the marking and data that will generate.  I'm just going to have a day pleasing my self.

So this morning I'm off to a crop in Bedworth with my Crafternoon friends, and hoping to get a couple of pages made.
More Brit stuff going on today: The Trooping of the Colour, which is a celebration of the Queen's official birthday, big parade in London etc etc. Thinking about it, if she has had 2 birthdays a year since 1952, does that make her 146 officially? :)

Here's another page using my current favourite set of papers, the Red Whit and Blue Portobello Road kit.

The photos are those I took of Katie in town with the replica WW2 planes a while back.
And the journalling is about reclaiming the pride in being British from the white-supremacist right-wing nutcases who seem to have been claiming it for their own over the past few years.
I made the banners using an Anna Griffin stamp set, layering them up.
Hmm, a controversial post today!


Alice Morland said...

146? LOL!

Ladkyis said...

Not controversial, just stating the facts. What the loud, rude, white supremacists don't realise is that the vast majority of people don't give a flying wassname who lives next door as long as they don't disturb us. All we want is to get on with our lives quietly - or noisily - without hurting anyone. That makes them think we are a pushover, and that will be their downfall.

Jimjams said...

Hope you had a great crop - not long until the summer holidays now!