Wednesday, 13 June 2012

All a Matter of Style.

 I've blogged before about crafting style, and what I like to include on my pages.
So, what can I say about my current style?  Well it has changed over the years but this year I have been......

  • Using neutral card, white, black or Kraft.
  • loving the red white and blue combo.
  • Using a mix of patterned papers.
  • Stitching on my layouts.

And what have I always liked?
  • A bold title
  • Proper journalling, after all without it the photos and the moment could too easily be forgotten.
  • Stamping whenever I can.
  • Fairly random sized photo mats.
  • Punching (no, not the violent kind!)
  • Distressing (again, only of the paper)
And what do I not like at all?
  • Minimal
  • Loads of white space.
  • Anything too graphic.
  • No journalling.
  • DIGI!!!!!!!!!
So as you can see from this current page, lots of my likes are there.  
What's your style?  And how do you feel about my likes/dislikes?


scrappyjacky said...

I don't usually go with red,white and blue in scrapping....but must admit I've liked it this year as well.
I've also been trying to stamp more.....seems a shame to only use my stamps for cardmaking.
I do like white space when I see it on other people's LOs....but on my own pages I usually fill every space!!
And I love how you've done that title.

mandmade said...

I'm not a fan of white space in scrapping either, although I quite like it on cards. I love all your jubilee pages :-) Ax

Svjetlana said...

Love your page!

Alice Morland said...

Found that really helpful. I particularly like your (stitched) hexagons.

DI said...

Love your style always leave your blog with an idea. Today its the likes and dislikes section have to agree with a lot of them I too like to incorporate stamping and distressing and I dislike white space. Thanks for getting the brain matter working.

Jimjams said...

Another fab page with R, W & B - you've really made it your own this summer!