Monday, 26 November 2012


Now, poor old Coventry gets a bad press at times, after all, there isn't much left of our historic past, and at times it seems that the planners in the mid 20th Century finished the job the Luftwaffe started. Our railway station can seem a little bleak, and for many visitors to the city it is their first view of what is, after all, one of the oldest cities in the country.
Just before the Olympics the station was spruced up a little, and the large plate glass windows decorated with these graphic figures.

As I collected Hannah from the train in the summer I couldn't resist snapping a couple of shots, and the cyber crop page designed by Jemma back in October suited the pictures perfectly.

A much more interesting welcome to Coventry.


SueB said...

Great layout!
I love how you've used the bakers twine.
I've never been to Conventry, but going by your pics, it looks like a welcoming sight.
Suzie xxx :)

Jimjams said...

This is such a great use for twine - very pretty. I'm so envious of all the Olympic things (here & Weymouth) that you managed to see & snap!