Sunday, 7 April 2013

Morphing pages

One of the fab things about UK Scrappers is the challenge set weekly by members, to make us get creative, use that stash and get us out of our comfort zones!

Last week's involved a sketch, inks, masks and washi tape... not too tricky, but after reading this post on Jemma's blog about why we scrapbook I decided to really think about the journalling for my photo, and make that the reason for the page.

So a layout that might have just looked pretty, and discussed how geeky we are as a family (and there are plenty of these already) morphed into one where I mused about my feelings around Katie leaving home...and avoiding Daleks.


Jimjams said...

WOW - what a lovely page - great PP hexagons and yummy ribbons ... and the very best of journalling - it leaves a note for your daughter about how you feel ... not something that she'd ever have got from a page about geeky dalek-phobes!

akilli melek said...

totally agree with your point ann

DI said...

Lovely page has inspired me to get a hexagonal stamp. Thanks.

Fiona Keel said...

thanks for the reflection Ann, I so admire your talent, your LOs are totally inspirational to me, mine are very basic so far, but there's always time to develop, fi xx