Sunday, 14 April 2013

Out and About

I haven't been too well since Christmas, and Kev took me out for the first time in ages Thursday to Northamptonshire. 

We are members of English Heritage, and this county is on our door step, so after a short drive we arrived at Kirby Hall, a mixture of derelict, roofless ruin, and beautifully proportioned Georgian rooms revamped in the 18th Century.

Although it was very cold; the snowdrops were still in bloom,

 and we were mugged by a couple of peacocks,

I did take my first photos in an age and we had a lovely day out together.... and I've got a few ideas for some scrapbook pages.


Alison Scott said...

Lovely pictures of what looks like a grand day out.
Glad to hear you are feeling well enough for a wee day trip.

scrappyjen said...

More peacocks! thanks for visiting me, jenx uks wear crafts

Fiona Keel said...

beautiful photos, look forward to see how you scrap them, Fi xx