Friday, 3 May 2013

Pride... of the deadly sins, goes before a fall, something to avoid at all costs, akin to showing off.  So when I read the challenge on UKS this week which was to scrap an achievement, it was this word that sprung to mind... and so made the challenge a bit tricky.

I have made a page which records an achievement I am proud of, but more to the point it's something I am happy about! It's not so much having pages published, it's more about sharing scrapbooking with others, and (as the magazine covers lots of craft types) maybe encouraging them to have a go.  Since the crop I attended folded, I do miss my crafty friends, and the inspiration they gave me, so maybe this is the next best thing.

The challenge included the use of yellow (not a go to colour for me, so a great challenge!)  and the inclusion of butterflies; mine are Martha Stewart stamped and punched.

So, what achievements are you proud of that you might want to share here?


Elizabeth said...

Great scrap page and I think you are perfectly entitled to be proud of appearing in those publications. Like you say, you are sharing your skill, expertise and know-how - nothing could be better :) Elizabeth xx

Alison Scott said...

A fantastic achievement and you are right to be proud of it.
Smashing page to look at.
Well done.

Chidkid said...

That's fantastic Ann.... So impressive!

akilli melek said...

great page Ann, just like the pages that you got published.

Samantha Wright said...

Amazing layout and great achievement!