Monday, 29 July 2013

Electrical Woes

Over the past two days we have been having problems with out electricity supply, cutting out just before you were about to save that vital document, or the TV programme you were watching was coming to a climax.

Yesterday it finally came to a head.  We awoke to no power, and despite trying to reset the RCD under the stairs it kept tripping, so we called in an emergency electrician.  He managed to get power restored to the kitchen, but we (well Kev!) will need to take up the floor in the lounge and dining room so the wiring can be checked and redone. Here are Kev and Harry putting down the floor in the lounge back in 2008... just laughing at my scrapbooking style then!

The floor in the lounge is a hardwood one we put down about 5 years ago, it was costly, so I'm hoping he can lift it without causing too much damage as I'm really fond of it.

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Eleanor Roy said...

I wonder what was the root cause of power failure? Was it due to short circuit? It’s pretty dangerous and one of the leading causes of electrical fires. I hope that wasn’t the case there. Take care always, and keep the electrical systems of your house checked for safety reasons. :)

Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical