Thursday, 28 November 2013

The C Word

As we are not even into December yet, it seems a little early to discuss christmassy things, however when a flyer from a local shop dropped through the letter box yesterday, I couldn't resist going along to this festive event . "Come to Leekes for a special Christmas festival, see live reindeer"  was on the leaflet... well, how could I not?

 Even Katie got out of bed to see them, so cute at only a few months old too.

 It was quieter at the shop than I thought it would be, so the pen was not too crowded, there was even a  little sleigh provided for photo opps, designed for children, but my two teens still managed to squeeze in with help from their dad!

Finally, we spotted a set of christmas candles with the label 'Set of four candles' on the front, when Harry saw these he couldn't resist picking them up as he remembered his favourite Two Ronnies sketch.

Expect to see these photos in a journal soon :-)

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