Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cosy Toes

I saved these socks for December, love the reindeer on them!

Going out to get the tree today, and a new set of lights... how is it they they go up into the loft in full working order, and at least one set comes down broken?


Mary Gillmarten said...

I love this idea for cozy! I may look for some socks myself! This is my first year and I'm a bit behind with photos -- plan was our basket of blankets in the family room for movie watching -- still a good one. I wonder how you scrappers/journalers who return year after year do it with such similar prompts year after year! Of course I already have two ideas for cozy! :)

CoventryAnn said...

It's funny, but I did think the same before trying my 2nd journal, but I do always seem to find something to say, and prompts did change last year. I do sometimes go off prompt, if other things are going on that I want to include.