Tuesday, 3 December 2013

JYC 2013 Day 1

Well, here we are again at the start of December and the beginning of another Christmas journal.  Although the shops, as ever, keep trying to extend the festive season earlier and earlier, this journal and the beginning of Advent (which coincide this year) are the real start for me.

 Day 1 is the manifesto, my thinking behind making this year's journal, a quick and easy page and no photo for a change!

For Day 2 we were asked to think about the countdown to Christmas, and how it has changed over time.
 I got to thinking of the Christmas lights in town, and how they are getting less and less spectacular as local councils are squeezed year upon year.

More tomorrow maybe.

1 comment:

Jimjams said...

Love your colours and that cute stamp stamp. We drove through town last night and laughed sadly at how pitiful the lights were - almost not worth bothering with!