Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Turn, Turn, Turn

I hardly ever see Kevin now as he spends much of his time in the garage playing with the lathe I bought him for Christmas.

 He has made some beautiful things all within a month from scrap timber including magic wands for the kids

(even at 19 Katie still wanted one)

mushrooms of all sizes and bobbins for me to decorate,

and my favourite, a gorgeous bowl.


Svjetlana said...

Wow, these all look amazing. I like the bowl the most.

Jimjams said...

These are lovely - especially the wands ... is Kev going to start selling them?

SusieJ said...

Oh wow!! Fabulous, fabulous work there...please pass that on to Kev..I'd happily buy one of his bowls...and at 60 I too would love a wand!!!lol
Seriously, that is amazing Ann. You have a talented hubby there!
Hugs xx