Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Midsummer Walk

Last week, on a beautiful, balmy evening, instead of sitting in front of the TV searching for something to watch in the listings of trite, I suggested a walk in the nearby county park.

I managed to tempt Kev out from his wood turning in the garage, and off we went.

As we got to the park before the dog walkers (who normally use it around 9pm) it was beautifully quiet; all we could hear was the buzzing of bees, birds overhead and the rustle of grassy meadows in full bloom.

 Swimming in the large ponds were two swans with a gaggle of little cygnets in tow.

Also working in the waters were a couple of naturalists (note to self: check spelling of this :) ) investigating the fauna in the ponds.  They had set up humane traps to temporarily capture crested newts, allowing them to be counted.  The newts would be released afterwards.

I took lots of photos, mainly of wild flowers, worthy of a place in the scrapbooks.


Dog (wild) rose

Wild iris

Cow parsley


Ragged robin

 Such a simple pleasure, but I'm so glad we made the effort.


Emilie Grant said...

Photos are gorgeous, looks like the light was perfect! Sounds like you had a lovely evening x

MySparklyLife said...

How lovely. What park is this.? I live in Coventry and am always looking for nice places to walk. Lovely photos too x

CoventryAnn said...

Prologis country park, off Winding House Lane, in Ash Green just north of the city border... not far from the Ricoh.