Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rescue Kitties

My daughter and her boyfriend were walking in the park near to their student digs a week ago when they heard a faint squeaking.  On looking down they spotted 4 abandoned kittens, no owner or mother in sight.

 They didn't move the babies, but just waited to see if anyone came for them. A few hours later, with darkness approaching, they decided their only option to ensure the kitten's safety, was to take them back to the house.

The 4 kitties were very hungry, but not obviously feral; having been handled before, leading them to come to the conclusion that the kittens had been abandoned.

With Hannah coming home next week, I'm hoping she manages to find homes for the kittens, they looked about 5 weeks old to the vet and are well weaned; Kev is certainly not keen on having more feline members of the family, and I definitely can't see Captain (our own cat) being too welcoming!


jo burton said...

I have just adopted 2 kittens about this size from the Cats Protection folk. Hope they find new homes.

CoventryAnn said...

Me too, DD comes back home to live this weekend!

Sarah said...

Aww, how cute are they - hope you find their forever homes soon! We adopted two kitten last year which like yours had been dumped in a cardboard box in a park & found by a lady walking by who took them to the RSPCA! So sad that people do this to these helpless snimals.