Monday, 23 June 2014

Open Gardens.

My oldest friend (ie: we have been friends for the longest time!) took part in an Open Garden Sunday in the area of the city where she lives to raise money for local charities.

As well as visiting her garden which we know is beautiful,

we got to look round lots of gardens of all styles and sizes on a beautiful warm day;

the weather was perfect for it!

We saw: 

A fabulous art-deco house 

with gorgeous south facing plot:

An Edwardian house built on a steep slope where the owner's children had discovered a buried Anderson shelter in their garden.

 They excavated it and used it as a den!

The Georgian Hall which had originally stood upon 200 acres of land.  Over the past 150 years the land had been used for building the houses (and gardens) we got to see on our tour of the area.

It had retained a small plot for itself and the residents of the flats within the converted Hall.  

We had a great day out, I picked up a few ideas for our garden (which is shockingly untidy in comparison to those we saw today), we supported a local charity and I took lots of photos.

So if there is an Open Garden Sunday near you I would highly recommend it.

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