Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tiki Love Truck...

At the end of the long and warm summer Kev and I had a trip to London that regular readers may remember.  Although we were only in 'the smoke' for three days we wanted to make as much as possible from our time there, one of our destinations was the V&A.  Sadly there was only time for a quick look round, but we did manage to visit one of the temporary exhibitions about protest... suited me down to the ground really :)

Along with the anti-capitalism and trade union exhibits was one about the death penalty.

This truck had been decorated in dazzling orange, mosaics and painted images.  Right on the front was the 3D figure of a head and neck... it turned out that this was the death mask of a man who had been executed in the States.  He did show remorse for his crime, and agreed to be part of the anti- capital punishment installation to spread the message about how wrong the artist feels the death penalty is.

 I have been against capital punishment since watching the film 10 Rillington Place as a teenager.  If you haven't seen it, it's based on the true story of the serial killer Christie who carried out murders in the 1960s, Tragically, the husband of one of his victims was convicted of her murder instead of Christie (he was a witness at the trial) and was wrongly hanged. Richard Attenborough played the role of Christie, chillingly accurate. It's an old film now, but the message remains the same...

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