Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Murder meal

A good friend of ours likes to hold murder mystery meals, and as it was her partner's birthday another one was planned for the weekend.
Set in the 1960s,I had been given the character of Mary-Jane Faithless, and Kev the carousing actor Oliver Steed.

 Looking at the costumes, Kev's is an old velvet suit we bought for a fancy dress party years ago, and (sadly) all the items for mine were hiding in my wardrobe. I do wear them (apart from the shirt) but not normally all together!

Everyone else joined in, with the birthday boy a version of Brian Sewell, and Susie as the super model  'Wiggy'.

The parties take far longer than they should for us to get through as we mess about so much, and only two of the eight worked out who the murderer was, but solving the crime is not really the point!

Another is planned for the summer. :)

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Ladkyis said...

Brilliant! we did a couple of 1950s ones set before the coronation so still with rationing and stuff and also one in the 1920s set on a yacht in the med. all great fun. The most remembered and quoted line came from the one where a body was found in the bath and the "doctor" declared "Suicide, he stabbed himself 14 times"
Enormous fun