Friday, 8 May 2015

La Pedrera

or Casa Milo was one of my favourite Gaudi buildings..

when you consider that it was built around 100 years ago it still has such a modern feel with its undulating walls and steel construction.

We got there fairly early, beating the long queues and the tour started on the roof.  The chimneys, air vents, water tanks and skylights all give the space a fairytale castle like appearance, decorated with tile mosaics and broken bottles. Gaudi himself was reported as having said that an undecorated roof was like a bald headed man with a single hair!

From the roof we descended to the attics with arches supported inspired by the natural world, and from there to an apartment which was decorated in the Modernista style.

Papers are Graphic 45 'Artisan'; I saw these in my local craft shop and thought they would be perfect for the Gaudi photos I had taken.

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