Saturday, 23 May 2015

Time for a Blitz

Half term is here, and as we will be staying at home I am going to use the opportunity to sort both my crafty stash, and my bedroom.
I ordered two sets of shelves for my 12x12 papers today and was pleased to find they were reduced by 10%! Kev was going to make me a set, but when he looked at the price of these, he said he couldn't get the timber for the price, so just to order them.

 These are similar to the set I ordered, but are far less to buy, and made in the UK. My thinking about getting them is that if I can see my papers i will use them (and maybe stop buying more...!) The drawers can also be decorated-if I have time- to look amazing.  More stash being used sounds good to me.

Second on the list for the holiday is to sort our bedroom and clear a lot of clothes/shoes etc, ready for decorating in the summer. Maybe if I empty my wardrobe I will be able to put away some of the things I am currently having to store under the bed!

 Think I will be busy next week.

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