Monday, 6 July 2015

A Milestone

My eldest  daughter, who graduated with a science degree two years ago, has finally secured a permanent job in her field of choice, environmental work. Just over week ago, she and her boyfriend moved to a little rented  house in Birmingham and she is so excited about it.  Both families helped them move, it really did remind me of when we had our first house. Only difference being, we could buy and they are having to rent.

The lack of affordable housing for young people in this country is a total scandal, as is the fact that it is so difficult to get a mortgage that when a low cost house comes onto the market, it is hoovered up by a private landlord who can charge whatever rent he or she likes. Hannah is paying more in rent per month than we do for our mortgage, and this takes into account the remortgage we took out for an extension.

Hopefully it won't  take them too long to save a deposit for a house, but as rents as very high ( in comparison to mortgages) it is a great burden to many young couples just setting out.
I made them a card (which is sitting on the mantelpiece Hànnah tells me) to celebrate their new home.
And it is very odd (and a bit sad) going into her old bedroom, to find that this time, everything has gone with her. She really has moved out.

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