Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Handsome boys

The week before last was my son's  Year 11 Prom. He and his friends met at ours to have photos taken in the garden.

One had a fabulous navy velvet  jacket,  my son a three piece suit in mid blue, in fact, it seemed blue is the new black as they all sported a little of the colour.  It was great seeing them all look so handsome (and grown up) together.

On his return, I  asked him how his night went, how lovely to hear him so excited about it all, he described 'busting a few moves' as he and his mates 'burned up the dance floor!'  Things have changed since I was a teen,

 I remember most lads just skulking around the edge of the floor for much of the night eyeing up the girls, and swooping in for a slow dance with one at the end! Much better today I think.

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