Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Priceless Cake

When Harry was much younger he was told (I think by his Uncle Tony) about the Faberge eggs that had been made as Easter gifts for the russian royal family in years gone by, and the fact that some were missing. As a joke, Harry spent lots of time looking at anything that resembled a faberge egg in every second hand shop or car boot sale we went to and was given a few for birthdays and Christmas.  With this in mind, when Hannah was asked to bake his birthday cake this year inspiration  struck. A Faberge egg!

The cake was ornate, studded with silver baubles, covered in intricate piping and very, very blue! Never mind, Harry loved it :)  He had a lovely 17th birthday party with his friends: eating takeaway, drinking beer ( but not too much) playing poker and enjoying fireworks his dad set off in the back garden.

Wonder what she will come up with next year?

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Louise H said...

The cake is amazing, and what a lovely story - these are the family memories that really need treasuring. Looks like a good time was had by all.